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Aging Services for Communities... Helping You Remain Independent


Aging Services for Communities (ASC) is a non-profit agency licensed by the state of Minnesota; and since 2004 has been offering adult seniors, handicapped individuals and their families a high-level of professional in-home care at affordable rates. We understand the growing importance for experienced in-home help, which is why we are here to help you and your loved ones remain independent.


We offer an array of eldercare services / programs throughout various counties in Minnesota:



If you feel it's time to seek assistance, whether for yourself or a loved one, don't hesitate to contact ASC. We're here to accommodate your needs, both through our services as well as through referrals to other organizations, and care providers.

Why Choose Us?


Our People

At ASC our friendly employees take great pride in what they do and fully enjoy helping seniors and disabled individuals in anyway possible. It is our compassionate staff that assists not only our clients but also their families, putting nerves at ease and removing worry. Our insightful employees also observe your needs and present us with ideas on how to improve our program offerings.


Custom Assessments

We continuously work to customize our programs to meet your specific needs. Through our one-on-one assessment we can determine what services you require and if any outside services are necessary, if so we provide referrals. Our trained assessment personnel work around your schedule, meeting whenever it's convenient for you - weekdays, evenings, weekends.


If you feel you or a family member may be in need of in-home care / eldercare take the free quiz offered by Live Well At Home (Eldercare Quiz: Assessing Your Needs).


Backed by Reliability

Working directly with recognizable agencies and healthcare providers enables us to provide the reliable services you need. Aging Services for Communities works with:


  • BluePlus
  • DHS
  • Local Counties
  • Medica
  • MVAC
  • UCare


We have Homemaker contracts with Blue Earth, Brown, Dakota, Faribault, Freeborn, LeSueur, Nicollet, Rice, Scott, Sibley and Waseca Counties. ASC also has Transportation contracts with LeSueur, Waseca and Scott Counties.


Maintain Safety & Awareness

At Aging Services for Communities our ever-watchful staff can assist you in improving the safety of your home - clearing walk-ways, removing hallway obstacles, adjusting the location of everyday items and presenting you with information to keep you safe. Our employees also observe your health, notifying loved ones of any unusually changes. We maintain a high-level of awareness so we can keep you and your family informed of developments or potential setbacks.